Why gaming chairs are proving to be a big hit this Christmas

With a huge part of the workforce working from home due to national and international lockdowns the work from home option has come from a bit of scrutiny to the new normal all in the space of a few months. Before all the madness happened it was really only the innovative tech companies being the ones to trust their staff and encourage the work from home revolution.

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Now companies who may have been considered old school had to allow their staff to do the same, however a lot of these companies in Ireland were not geared up to handle this situation so soon. As well as this many staff did not have the staff or the equipment to work from home. This led to many businesses having to purchase their staff things like office chairs, office desks, printers and other work from home items.

Some staff were lucky enough to get gaming chairs instead of office chairs on the company billing and companies like housetech.ie have seen a significant increase in sales since the lockdown began. Although working from home is not for everyone and can lead to its own problems both in the business world and in the world of mental health it has proven a great success for many businesses. Office furniture has become like gold dust in recent months with gaming chairs, gaming desks and office desks becoming a must need for working from home life. Even items like printers sold out during lockdown so such things cannot be taken for granted in the future.

This can have a negative knock on affect in the commercial property sector as now many large companies are considering moving all of their staff to work from home. How realistic this is remains to be seen however it is evident the huge effect that this is having on peoples lives and livelihoods. 2021 could see the beginning of the new era of working from home an a more relaxed lifestyle for many people.

What is the law for electric scooters for adults in the UK?

Electric scooters come with the best quality battery and eco-friendly nature. There are several other models in the market, but the the UK government is seeking to ban the use of electric scooters due to some reasons.

These days’ electric scooters for adults are popular in the UK, and you will see that there are a majority of people using it. The scooters are convenient, easy to use, pollution free, and some other features. You may be thinking that if it has a lot of benefits then why it is banned in the UK.

Let us discuss the electric scooter law the UK.

  • One of the main reasons to ban the electric scooter on public roads and cycle path is that the citizen doesn’t follow the road traffic rules and always try to break it.
  • You will find that there several councils in the UK which are forming new laws about banning the use of the electric scooter and they found that the people who ride electric scooter have the maximum probability of including in road accident.
  • You are not allowed to ride the e-scooter even on the cycle path. If you want to ride the scooter, then you need the required documents. The list of document you need is insurance, driving license, and have to pay the taxes.
  • Some of the users also complained that the electric scooter should not be included in the MPV. It means that the scooter is considered in the mechanically propelled vehicle, which includes you to pay the taxes, licensing, and some of the road traffic tax.
  • The main reason is that there are several companies which give the best battery and performance. It means that the speed of the vehicle is more than 25 km/hr, which make the vehicle unstable and can cause a road accident.

These all are the reasons behind the ban the electric scooter in the UK.

The Guards are seizing electric scooters in Ireland for no insurance!

The Guards have been taking a hard stance on electric scooters over the last few weeks and these orders appear to be coming from the top. As ridiculous as it seems the guards recently put on their Twitter page that they seized an electric scooter for not having any insurance. Now there is still some debate on whether or not an electric scooter is a motor propelled vehicle or not. Electric bikes do not need insurance as they require you to pedal so we do not understand how electric scooters in Ireland are now been governed differently.

The road safety authority have been instructed by the government to investigate how these electric scooters have been legalised in other countries. The big worry is how the road safety authority will be extra cautious and they could end up being banned from the roads altogether.

Electric scooter companies along with the general public are of course pushing for full legalization of the electric scooters on Irish roads. Companies like escooterstore.ie electric scooter Ireland store say that the electric scooters should not be governed like cars as they do not have a powerful motor and also require some help from the driver to start the journey.

Whatever the outcome seizing an electric scooter seems overly harsh and not very forward thinking from the Guards. It could be of course that these commands are coming from the top in order to scare people from using the scooters but then why would the government want that? It is the solution to our traffic issue and it won’t cost the government any money to take cars off the road something that they could usually only dream of. Ireland is traditionally slow in taking up such new devices but it is times like this we should take the lead like we did with the smoking ban.

We usually end up looking to what the UK does and then follow their lead in these sorts of things. Over there I think they are also undecided on how to govern the electric scooters but we will have to wait and see.

Electric Scooters are taking over the streets of Dublin

Electric scooters seem to be everywhere the last few months and they are creating a real buzz in the city! For anyone who is wondering what they are they are 2 wheeled scooters powered by an electric motor that reach some considerable speeds. Why have they become so popular recently? Well it’s a good question. They are very practical but still they have come out of nowhere and now everyone seems to want to get one.

If you are just commuting a matter of a few kilometers then they are a great and handy way of avoiding traffic jams. They are also very cheap to run and you can charge them in your home from a normal power lead. Even if you are more than a few kilometers from your destination most of the electric scooters are folding so they can be carried with you when not in use.

There has been much debate in Dublin as to whether they should be allowed or not but from what is seen on the streets everyday it seems that like it or not they are now a part of Dublin city. The most popular electric scooter is the Xiaomi M365 and it is available for €500 give or take and depending on how long you want to wait for it. This will man you can go a distance of 25 kilometers so it is good a long range and you can see why people have gone for this model. It is fully legal to buy an electric scooter but it is not legal to ride them on the roads so it is important to get that right,

There are of course other options but this seems to be the one everyone is talking about. Between this and electric bikes it seems that electric transport is here to stay on Irish roads for better or worse. There is even talk of rental electric scooters being introduced much like the Dublin bike scheme that has been so successful. Amazingly only a handful of bikes each year are vandalized so it has proven to be extremely successful. We here at the LPT think electric transport is great as it is better for the environment and it means that people can get around much easier. Here is hoping people continue to take up the scooter lifestyle.

Hoverboards Ireland – Competition Giveaway

It’s coming back into the summer months now and it is time to get the kids out doors so here at LPT we are having a competition so you can win your kids one of the many hoverboards our friends have donated to us to help raise money for our site! Big thanks to our friends at the hoverboards Ireland store who have now moved to escooterireland.ie.

This hoverboard is worth €199.00 on their website so it is quite a generous gift and a very cool prize to win for you or your kids! Their hoverboards are CE certified so are safe to use and they even come with a built in Bluetooth speaker. They also come with a remote control so you can control the hoverboard for your kids. They also have a range of 8.5 inch off road hoverboards for adults so if you don’t have any kids you can still enter and put this down as what you would prefer.

hoverboards ireland comp

Hoverboards have been very popular in the last few years so we thought it would be fitting to spread the word about our new site and raise some money in the process. The hoverboards are able to take a rider with a weight of up to 100kg which is fine for most adults and obviously more than enough for kids. They can go for a range of 20kms when fully charged so they are plenty of fun.

There was some controversy when they first came out as they were rushed to market and some even had issues with being a fire hazard. We have been assured that the hoverboards Ireland products are EU tested and are shipped from within the EU so we have been assured that they are safe.