Electric Scooters are taking over the streets of Dublin

Electric scooters seem to be everywhere the last few months and they are creating a real buzz in the city! For anyone who is wondering what they are they are 2 wheeled scooters powered by an electric motor that reach some considerable speeds. Why have they become so popular recently? Well it’s a good question. They are very practical but still they have come out of nowhere and now everyone seems to want to get one.

If you are just commuting a matter of a few kilometers then they are a great and handy way of avoiding traffic jams. They are also very cheap to run and you can charge them in your home from a normal power lead. Even if you are more than a few kilometers from your destination most of the electric scooters are folding so they can be carried with you when not in use.

There has been much debate in Dublin as to whether they should be allowed or not but from what is seen on the streets everyday it seems that like it or not they are now a part of Dublin city. The most popular electric scooter is the Xiaomi M365 and it is available for €500 give or take and depending on how long you want to wait for it. This will man you can go a distance of 25 kilometers so it is good a long range and you can see why people have gone for this model. It is fully legal to buy an electric scooter but it is not legal to ride them on the roads so it is important to get that right,

There are of course other options but this seems to be the one everyone is talking about. Between this and electric bikes it seems that electric transport is here to stay on Irish roads for better or worse. There is even talk of rental electric scooters being introduced much like the Dublin bike scheme that has been so successful. Amazingly only a handful of bikes each year are vandalized so it has proven to be extremely successful. We here at the LPT think electric transport is great as it is better for the environment and it means that people can get around much easier. Here is hoping people continue to take up the scooter lifestyle.