Hoverboards Ireland – Competition Giveaway

It’s coming back into the summer months now and it is time to get the kids out doors so here at LPT we are having a competition so you can win your kids one of the many hoverboards our friends have donated to us to help raise money for our site! Big thanks to our friends at the hoverboards Ireland store who have now moved to escooterireland.ie.

This hoverboard is worth €199.00 on their website so it is quite a generous gift and a very cool prize to win for you or your kids! Their hoverboards are CE certified so are safe to use and they even come with a built in Bluetooth speaker. They also come with a remote control so you can control the hoverboard for your kids. They also have a range of 8.5 inch off road hoverboards for adults so if you don’t have any kids you can still enter and put this down as what you would prefer.

hoverboards ireland comp

Hoverboards have been very popular in the last few years so we thought it would be fitting to spread the word about our new site and raise some money in the process. The hoverboards are able to take a rider with a weight of up to 100kg which is fine for most adults and obviously more than enough for kids. They can go for a range of 20kms when fully charged so they are plenty of fun.

There was some controversy when they first came out as they were rushed to market and some even had issues with being a fire hazard. We have been assured that the hoverboards Ireland products are EU tested and are shipped from within the EU so we have been assured that they are safe.