Is the T9 the best Android TV box in Ireland?

There are literally hundreds of android TV boxes on the market in Ireland since they first become popular a few years ago. There are all sorts of android boxes now available including big brands like Now TV to generic android boxes and then of course you have the Amazon firestick. So is there a big difference between all of these boxes or is it just a case of different companies throwing their own brand on the same product.
Websites such as sell a range of generic android boxes in Ireland that are more affordable than bigger brands and they have the same hardware.

Well this is partially true. The clue is in the name and of course an android TV box runs on the android operating system of which Google is the creator. Different boxes put their own spin on the android software but essentially they are all running the same thing under the hood just they make look a little different.

Some may look a little prettier and have a nicer interface but all android TV boxes do the same thing. In reality it is actually the app that does all the work and this what people do not realise. In the same way that a TV channel decides what content is shown on the TV, an android app decides what content is shown on the screen.

For example if you want to watch a movie then something like Showbox would be a good choice. Now any android box will play Showbox but some maybe faster than others and some may also have better graphics cards and this is where the difference in android boxes comes in to play.

You really want a good fast graphics card that is able to run 4K so that is has plenty of power to play a good quality stream. Apart from that however the brand is not hugely important as we have already stated that it is usually the hardware that is important in the actual android box itself and not the brand. In short don’t shop for the brand but shop for the hardware itself. The same as when shopping for a electric scooter or any electronics for that matter that we have reviewed here.