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The Best Android TV Box & Accessories For Your Home Theater:

It is easier now more than ever to set up your own home theatre using what are fast becoming more and more affordable android TV box and a few other gadgets to give you a great home cinema experience. Many people dislike going to the Cinema due to being disturbed by other people from noise and also if you are a real movie buff then it can also get quite expensive.

Fortunately now you can bring that Cinema experience to your own home and you can do it without spending an arm and a leg too. Some key things that are needed most of which you probably have are a TV, an android TV box and a good soundbar. These are the three basic things to get the home cinema setup. Of course there are other options such as getting a projector so you can project the movie onto the wall and surround sound speakers to go with your sound bar but we are trying to keep this as an affordable setup so we don’t want to get too carried away!

Projector Vs Android TV Box:

You can actually get an android TV box and projector all in one which is a good option as it will save money. The Android Ireland: android TV Box website has these on their site starting at just over €100 so again nothing too expensive for the more basic models. To go with this a good android TV box is also not expensive and something with 2GB of RAM would be recommended to ensure that it has the speed to play a movie without getting any lag.

Surround Sound For Home Cinema:

A soundbar can be run from the android TV box to give you that extra bass when you are watching your movies. Again these range from about €50 upwards to several hundred euro so it is really down to your budget. You can also get 5.1 surround sound speakers for quite cheap which is another option again if you want to go slightly over your budget.

So for the guts of €350 you can have your own projector, TV box and surround sound system and enjoy movies in the comfort of your home. This is just a taste to show that when people think of home cinema they think MTV Cribs style madness and thousands of euros when it is really not the case!