The Guards are seizing electric scooters in Ireland for no insurance!

The Guards have been taking a hard stance on electric scooters over the last few weeks and these orders appear to be coming from the top. As ridiculous as it seems the guards recently put on their Twitter page that they seized an electric scooter for not having any insurance. Now there is still some debate on whether or not an electric scooter is a motor propelled vehicle or not. Electric bikes do not need insurance as they require you to pedal so we do not understand how electric scooters in Ireland are now been governed differently.

The road safety authority have been instructed by the government to investigate how these electric scooters have been legalised in other countries. The big worry is how the road safety authority will be extra cautious and they could end up being banned from the roads altogether.

Electric scooter companies along with the general public are of course pushing for full legalization of the electric scooters on Irish roads. Companies like electric scooter Ireland store say that the electric scooters should not be governed like cars as they do not have a powerful motor and also require some help from the driver to start the journey.

Whatever the outcome seizing an electric scooter seems overly harsh and not very forward thinking from the Guards. It could be of course that these commands are coming from the top in order to scare people from using the scooters but then why would the government want that? It is the solution to our traffic issue and it won’t cost the government any money to take cars off the road something that they could usually only dream of. Ireland is traditionally slow in taking up such new devices but it is times like this we should take the lead like we did with the smoking ban.

We usually end up looking to what the UK does and then follow their lead in these sorts of things. Over there I think they are also undecided on how to govern the electric scooters but we will have to wait and see.