Why gaming chairs are proving to be a big hit this Christmas

With a huge part of the workforce working from home due to national and international lockdowns the work from home option has come from a bit of scrutiny to the new normal all in the space of a few months. Before all the madness happened it was really only the innovative tech companies being the ones to trust their staff and encourage the work from home revolution.

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Now companies who may have been considered old school had to allow their staff to do the same, however a lot of these companies in Ireland were not geared up to handle this situation so soon. As well as this many staff did not have the staff or the equipment to work from home. This led to many businesses having to purchase their staff things like office chairs, office desks, printers and other work from home items.

Some staff were lucky enough to get gaming chairs instead of office chairs on the company billing and companies like housetech.ie have seen a significant increase in sales since the lockdown began. Although working from home is not for everyone and can lead to its own problems both in the business world and in the world of mental health it has proven a great success for many businesses. Office furniture has become like gold dust in recent months with gaming chairs, gaming desks and office desks becoming a must need for working from home life. Even items like printers sold out during lockdown so such things cannot be taken for granted in the future.

This can have a negative knock on affect in the commercial property sector as now many large companies are considering moving all of their staff to work from home. How realistic this is remains to be seen however it is evident the huge effect that this is having on peoples lives and livelihoods. 2021 could see the beginning of the new era of working from home an a more relaxed lifestyle for many people.